Corcovado Overnight Sirena Station

Includes: Boat transportation (Drake-Sirena-Drake), ICT certified bilingual guide with telescope, entrance fees, lodging fees (Bunk Bed), 3 meals(Lunch, Dinner and breakfast), blankets and all other necessary equipment.

Day 1 

6:00 am: 1 and a half hour boat ride to Sirena Biological Station.
7:45am: Get ready on the beach at Sirena and hike to the ranger station, drop off overnight bags and equipment and head out on a 3 to 4 hour hike.
11:30am: We take a half hour lunch break at some point along the trail (where guide thinks is appropriate) and hike back to the ranger station. At around 12:30pm we take a 2 hour break until the sun is less hot.
2:30pm: We do one afternoon hike for 2 and a half hours to the Claro river, have a quick swim there and hike back to the ranger station.
5:30pm: Dinner at the ranger station and after dinner we go to sleep, lights are off at 8:00pm.

Day 2
4:30am: Night/early morning hike in the forest until 7:00am.
7:45am: Breakfast at the ranger station.
9:00am: We go out in the forest again for another 3 hours hike in the forest, then return to the ranger station to get things ready to go back to Drake Bay.
12:30pm: Boat back to Drake arriving around 2:00pm.

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